Gay love!

Welcome! basically what this blog is, is a couple blog for gay couples! we accept no hate! feel free to submit photos of maybe you and your love! if you want to read about me then click the "about me" section obviously! lol. and yeah! I hope you enjoy :)

p.s feel free to ask me anything like advice on coming out or how to deal with bullying or anything that you want to know i will try to answer them to the best of my ability!

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I just followed you on twitter! my twitter user is: BrianHPWilson :) LOVE this blog xx

Thanks :) I appreciate it :) everyone go check out his blog and follow :)

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Hey yeah I'll totally post it! Just send me a picture!


Please follow me and help me collect more notes to show my baby how much support we  have and that we can get through this together!

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I kinda want to see you guys artistic ability so maybe if you want to, if you guys wanna like draw me with my personal URL ( ) then I will post my favorite one on here with your URL to almost 14k followers! This would actually be really cool to see what you guys come up with! I can’t wait! :)


hiiyyep asked:

Hey! Can you share my nude pic ?

Lol nahhh


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Hello! Love the blog! I'm a new love blog! Can I have a quick shout out? Thanks!

Please go follow you guys!