Gay love!

Welcome! basically what this blog is, is a couple blog for gay couples! we accept no hate! feel free to submit photos of maybe you and your love! if you want to read about me then click the "about me" section obviously! lol. and yeah! I hope you enjoy :)

p.s feel free to ask me anything like advice on coming out or how to deal with bullying or anything that you want to know i will try to answer them to the best of my ability!

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I’m in the process of making those necklaces for you guys to buy on etsy :)


love-that-love-blog asked:

Hello! Love the blog! I'm a new love blog! Can I have a quick shout out? Thanks!

Please go follow you guys!


Got my phone back!

So snapchat me you guys!
—-> l.peck10101

lewisdevil16 asked:

do u have snapchat im gay wanting to talk

like i said before, i do but i got my phone taken away

silenceintherealm asked:

can you describe your sex life using only four pokemon moves?

i dont even know 1 pokemon movie….

im single now you guys! hooray for me.

david-sunthief asked:

so have you ever had crushes on cute guys at school and then when you have a class with them and your like only a few feet from them you try not to meet eyes with them and it's annoying as fuck not to tell them that you like them?? cause high school was horrible for me

yeah i have but i didnt give a shit if he saw me looking. i have the right to let my eyes wander

david-sunthief asked:

so I'm in the same boat as you long distance I'm in Illinois he's in New York but he is joining the navy and be stationed only a hour away we've been dating for 6 months will be 7 coming up on the 28 and he's everything but is getting married in 2 years to someone who you feel is like your soulmate idk like right? I mean what I'm saying is I'm all for it but is it too soon?? I'm 20 turning 21 and he's 19 turning 20 and the 2 year thing is when I graduate from culinary arts just fyi

no i say go for it! it you love him then marry the hell out of him!

hotdeamn asked:

What do you think? If a guy has Tumblr blog, he's posting pictures of fashion, muscular men in underwear and naked girls, and when I asked him if he is gay or bi, he madly replied that he's neither. He is closeted bi at least, isn't he?

perhaps but i wouldn’t bug him about it. if he says he’s not you should accept it and move on. trust me, i know its hard because when i first came out i wanted every straight hot guy to be gay. lol. but not i dont give a shit and i only hunt for gay prey. lol.

bardoftime asked:

I was wondering if you had words of encouragement for an 18 year old gay guy who's wanting to date again really badly right now, I feel like since I've hit 18 and don't have a long standing relationship as of now, I feel kinda sad? There's really no pressure and there's still time right?

yeah most definitely! don’t stress! it will all be fine :)

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gayanonblog asked:

How do you get more comfortable kissing and hanging out with boys. I know I am attracted to them, but a part of me is so nervous kissing and cuddling, etc.

well it’s gonna be awkward unless you hang out with him first. the more you hang out with someone, the less awkward it will be! hope this helped!

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